Over 44% of online revenue comes from Google searches and less than 1% from social media!

Losing sales online is the No.1 business problem today! But who’s to blame when most firms obsess over social media and ignore what their customers search for online?

content marketing strategy
content marketing strategy
Website content

Website content that’s
super-segmented and

This is the HumanisedTech specialty. Unlike others in our space, we don’t let our clients lose their minds, pumping everything into social media and wondering why online sales suffer. Our go-to tool is data-analytics backed website content that helps you rank better online, build trust, and nurture leads on auto-pilot. The result? Consistent growth in online sales!

From the Horse’s Mouth

Praise is that much sweeter when it comes from clients we’ve closely worked with. Here are a few of our favourites expressing what they love about HumanisedTech and what we do.

Cultural Development Network

Cultural Development Network 🇦🇺

“Our cultural development and evaluation software product Takso, although in the market for several years, didn’t have a complete set of tools set up online on either our site or portal to track user behaviour. We were missing out! HumansiedTech set up tools including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and FullStory and we knew more about our visitors in just weeks.”

John Smithies

Executive Officer

Content Marketing & Tooling Solutions For 5x Online Business

We offer a compact selection of content marketing and tooling solutions to match online business growth needs at different stages. From understanding website visitor behaviour, and quick sales conversions online, to nurturing leads long-term so you can sell to them in the future, we’ve got a targeted product.

Long-Term Lead Generation Content

Long-Term Lead Generation Content Net & Trust Nurturing Strategy

If you build it, they will come! We’re talking about a content net so wide across your website, you’ll attract multiple customer segments and appeal to each equally strongly. Once they come, since you’ve got content targeting each stage of their customer journey, they’ll never fall of your site. Nurture slowly and build trust until they’re ready to buy!

Quick Gains Landing Page Product

This solution will equip you with a landing page that converts anyone landing on it! Drive any action of your choice, from them entering contact details, and making a purchase online, to signing-up for your portal. Chock-a-block with multiple elements to emotionally appeal and rationally inform while building trust, this one is a conversion monster!

Quick Gains Landing Pages
Tooling & Analytics

Tooling & Analytics

Know thy website visitors! This product will help you see where your visitors are coming from, what they’re doing on your site, and where they’re leaving. This data captured in our monthly reports will offer customer insights to optimize usage of everything from your website, and portal, to digital properties!

Thought Leadership Content

Become the kingpin in your industry! A content retainer product, use it to communicate your vision for the future of your market, your perspectives on current industry issues, or your company’s standing as a top employer brand. 5 world-class content pieces to build both your personal and corporate credentials as a thought leader!

Thought Leadership Content
content marketing

Why HumanisedTech

Our focus on website-focused content marketing naturally makes us a rare breed in the online marketing space. With an ear to the ground or the market, and the quality of the data we capture, our content marketing and tooling solutions help our clients sell online effortlessly! Here are a few other reasons why we’re special:

A specialized content marketing & online sales outfit based out of Colombo and Melbourne ! 🇱🇰 🇦🇺

Our passion is segmenting markets and discovering what makes each tick, so we can help you sell better online!


Research & Discovery


Research Lead / CMO

Keen To Get Started? Let’s Get on a Discovery Call!

It’s a free 30-minute session where we understand your current online marketing outlook while exploring your customer segments and possible content ideas. Trust us, you can convert this insight into online sales!

A trove of modern literature on content, digital, and marketing!

Frequently Asked Questions

It is the use of different forms of content like blogs, articles, email newsletters, case studies, infographics, etc., to market to a target audience without marketing your product or service directly. It involves guiding potential customers along the customer journey in a natural, unforced way using content and building trusted relationships in the process, until they become a loyal customer.

By tooling we refer primarily to analytics tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Facebook Pixel, FullStory, and the like. Such tools allow you to understand user behaviour online, so as to optimize experience, targeting, and personalization and thereby increase usage and sales.
We operate out of both Colombo, Sri Lanka and Melbourne, Sydney with research, marketing strategy, content marketing, data analytics, and web design professionals spread across both locations.
We have a suite of 4 content marketing and tooling solutions with different pricing and payment structures. The pricing details of each are contained in the product section above as well as within the individual product pages. Yes, a contract will be signed before entering all engagements. 
Perfect! Our focus is data-backed content and web design for specific customer segments. If you’ve already got a website or a landing page, then we’ll work on redesigning your website to tailor experiences for specific customer segments, either in coordination with your in-house team, a third-party web design team you are working with, or our web design specialists will handle it.
Absolutely not! We don’t do just websites. It doesn’t add value to either you or us. We don’t specialize in brochure-type websites, but rather content-heavy websites that generate leads and boost conversions.

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