HumanisedTech is fast gaining a reputation industry-wide for our top notch work and likeability!

A specialized content marketing & online sales outfit based out of Colombo and Melbourne! 🇱🇰 🇦🇺

We’re tired of one-size-fits-all marketing and content! And we stand out in the online marketing space in Sri Lanka and Australia because of our focus on segment-specific, website-focused content marketing. With an ear to the ground or the market, and the quality of the data we capture, our content marketing and tooling solutions help our clients sell online effortlessly!

A young, vibrant team

Our colourful bunch carries a refreshing attitude to selling through online channels. They marry a wide selection of individual passions that have led to HumanisedTech’s distinct reputation industry-wide. Market Research, Customer Discovery, Segmentation & Positioning, Web Analytics and Content Marketing…this is what we live for!

Didulani Jayasinghe

Research & Discovery

Gavinda Jayasinghe

Research Lead / CMO

Ramiya Ramanan

Research & Discovery

Kushantha Charuka

Research & Design


Chief Dawg

Sulochana Gamage

Research & Discovery

Janaka Ediriweera

Program Lead / CEO

Jude Martenstyn

Development Lead

The Devil's Advocate

Chief Strategy Officer

Trust us, our team’s likeable nature and what they disclose to you on selling online will totally make a conversation worth your while.

What Sets HumanisedTech Apart

Strong Processes

We have solid processes in place for each of our content and tooling solutions to ensure proper delivery and timely results.

Industry Specialization

We generally don’t work with clients in every industry, and specialize in Finance Industry + Real Estate marketing and sales online for better focus.

Product Experience

Our team reserves experience in specific products and services, e.g. Motor Insurance, SME Loans, and Unit Trusts


We don’t jump into formulating marketing or content strategies without first conducting research and identifying segments.

Boutique Agency

We’re a boutique content marketing outfit and handle a maximum of 6 clients each year.

Here’s Why We’re Likable and Why the Industry Takes Note

“Our cultural development and evaluation software product Takso, although in the market for several years, didn’t have a complete set of tools set up online on either our site or portal to track user behaviour. We were missing out! HumansiedTech set up tools including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and FullStory and we knew more about our visitors in just weeks.”

John Smithies

Executive Officer @CDN

“We had a problem of attracting unqualified student leads to our hair and beauty academy. Up to 70% at times. HumanisedTech quickly dissected our customer segments and chose the most profitable one, and then built a net of content so that online visitors would be nurtured and not fall off our site at any point. Our student enrollments grew 5x in just a year!”

Mridu Parakh

Marketing Manager @IHB Education

“HumanisedTech’s involvement in enhancing SDB bank’s thought leadership over the years has been remarkable, with them delivering everything from by-line articles to annual report summary PR pieces of the highest quality, on-time and requiring no changes.”

Hasitha Samarasinghe

Head of Marketing @SDB Bank

Frequently Asked Questions

It is the use of different forms of content like blogs, articles, email newsletters, case studies, infographics, etc., to market to a target audience without marketing your product or service directly. It involves guiding potential customers along the customer journey in a natural, unforced way using content and building trusted relationships in the process, until they become a loyal customer.

By tooling we refer primarily to analytics tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio, Facebook Pixel, FullStory, and the like. Such tools allow you to understand user behaviour online, so as to optimize experience, targeting, and personalization and thereby increase usage and sales.
We operate out of both Colombo, Sri Lanka and Melbourne, Sydney with research, marketing strategy, content marketing, data analytics, and web design professionals spread across both locations.
We have a suite of 4 content marketing and tooling solutions with different pricing and payment structures. The pricing details of each are contained in the product section above as well as within the individual product pages. Yes, a contract will be signed before entering all engagements. 
Perfect! Our focus is data-backed content and web design for specific customer segments. If you’ve already got a website or a landing page, then we’ll work on redesigning your website to tailor experiences for specific customer segments, either in coordination with your in-house team, a third-party web design team you are working with, or our web design specialists will handle it.
Absolutely not! We don’t do just websites. It doesn’t add value to either you or us. We don’t specialize in brochure-type websites, but rather content-heavy websites that generate leads and boost conversions.

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