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Wenn Diese 4 Content-Marketing Methoden nicht Helfen, Bekommen Sie Qualifizierte Leads Online, Wird Nichts

Erhöhen Sie Qualifizierte Leads Durch Content Marketing

Have you ever heard of a qualified lead? Or ever been curious as to what amounts to a qualified lead? Then it’s high time that you understand the importance of these terms and their value to your business. A qualified lead is a prospective customer who suits the requirements that your product or service has to offer to that particular customer. Generating leads is possible through content marketing as the Content Marketing Institute reported that nearly 75% of businesses that used content marketing were successfully generating more leads than ever before.  

On the other hand, on our tiny island named Sri Lanka, most businesses lose out on a large volume of profits merely because they don’t know how to generate good leads. The only way companies and Sri Lankan marketers in any industry could increase qualified leads, is through quality content marketing. Therefore, let’s explore 4 beautiful ways how you could increase qualified leads in Sri Lanka through content marketing: 

1. Lead-Magneten durch Facebook Anzeigen 

A lead magnet, hmmm, what is that anyway? It’s a free product or service provided to customers to gather their contact details. Examples include ebooks, samples, consultations, cheat sheets, planners, industry reports, courses, etc. 

In diesem Teil des Blogs, werden wir nur Fokus auf, wie Facebook-Anzeigen verwenden, führen Sie die Magnete als Teil Ihrer marketing-Strategie.  

Facebook is undoubtedly an intelligent way of generating leads as its advanced database knows everything about prospective consumer preferences, personal information, and choice of entertainment. However, some Sri Lankan businesses misuse Facebook Ads as they do not know how to use them. They lack a clear vision and objectives when using these Ads and thus target the wrong audience.  

One way of misusing Facebook Ads is when we come across the same Sri Lankan brands boosting their pages on Facebook every day. Imagine how much money is wasted and how much people are getting fed up with viewing the same ad every day?  

Therefore, it’s always essential to run a Facebook Ad in a manner that would suit the convenience of you and the Facebook viewers. It doesn’t mean that you should keep boosting your page on Facebook every time. 

The best way to do this is by ensuring that prospective leads subscribe to your email. But, it doesn’t stop there. You have to make sure that you’re offering your prospective leads something valuable in exchange for subscribing to your email. In this manner, offering them a lead magnet will do the trick!  

According to a social media management tool named Napoleon Cat, Facebook ads can be as cheap as 128.33 LKR per click for a Facebook Ad. Thus, you have nothing to lose by offering a lead magnet through a cost-effective social media approach like Facebook. 

Moreover, our Sri Lankans enjoy deals, discounts, sample testing, and coupons before buying a product. According to Get Response, 12.3% of B2C marketers reported that lead magnets such as deals, coupons, discounts, free shipping, and samples made the highest conversion rates.  

These statistics undeniably prove that lead magnets can do wonders to your business if you use them in the right way through Facebook ads. 

However, do not be in a hurry to sell your product or service at this point, as it is essential for you to build your customer’s trust.   

2. Gast-blogging

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to gain qualified leads. All you’ve got to do is simply guest write for popular blogs in their area of expertise or niche. Some examples of Sri Lankan sites where you can guest blog are SocialMedia.Lk 

AdPushup reported that 62.96% of readers considered blogs with multiple bloggers credible, and Marketing Strategist, Gregory Ciotti said that guest blogging has assisted in increasing 36,733 email subscribers. At the same time, a guest posting service called Adsy found that guest blogging brings a 75% increase in direct sales to businesses due to leads. It also contributes to 80% of organic and referral traffic. 

This is a highly incredible opportunity for Sri Lankan businesses as they will be collaborating with websites that their target audience is always visiting. However, as a business, you should be careful as you do not want to write guest blogs on the wrong sites, do you? Therefore, make sure you thoroughly do your research on popular blogs capturing your target audience’s attention, come up with creative ideas that will uphold your customer’s attention in the long run, and always provide a lead magnet associated with your email marketing.  

3. Webinare

Webinars have always played a significant role in some parts of our life. I’m sure most of you can relate to those long boring Science and Maths webinars during O’Levels and A’Levels where the lecturer keeps going on and on for hours, and there is no way out of it! Similarly, if you host a boring webinar where you go on about your product, your audience will run away. Thus you have to be mindful of it. 

Webinars are one of the essential content marketing strategies that drive leads. You can host a webinar as a lead magnet when your customers subscribe to your email.  

To make webinars more fun and exciting, it’s best to team up with a famous social media influencer or content blogger like the funny Kapila Rasnayaka to add value to what your business is promoting to your prospective buyers. Webinars do not always have to be serious; they can be funny and colourful mixed with an insightful vibe when promoting your products to your audience, who might be your prospective leads. 

The best thing about webinars is to engage more with your audience through Q&A sessions or the chatbox. You can host webinars through Facebook, Instagram, or on your website. Have you seen those cute reactions on live videos/webinars hosted through Instagram and Facebook? Reacting to your webinar through emojis or giving a heart shows what an insightful and meaningful impact your webinar has on your audience. According to a reputed Webinar Hosting, Marketing, and Automation Platform called BigMarker, 92% of the audiences look forward to a live Q & A session before the end of a webinar. By considering this statistic, imagine how many leads you can generate through a webinar by merely answering the answers they are looking for.

Before hosting the webinar, always promote it among your friends, family, and social media platforms to get enough attention about the event. Moreover, you can upgrade your webinar by publishing a blog post about it on your website.  

Basierend auf webinar-marketing-Statistiken, es wurde berichtet, dass B2B-Vermarkter generieren von 500 bis 1.000 leads pro webinar! Gut, was sind Sie warten für? Es ist Zeit für Sie, um ein webinar von Ihre eigenen, und generieren Sie heiße leads zu! 

4. Quiz und Umfragen

Since we were small, we took part in quizzes and surveys for educational purposes or fun. However, quizzes and surveys are often underestimated in generating leads for businesses.

In Sri Lanka, we only come across educational and fun quizzes and surveys, but it’s rare to come across surveys and quizzes carried out by businesses. Why is it that? As we said, it’s often underestimated.  ducational and fun quizzes and surveys but it’s rare to come across surveys and quizzes carried out by businesses. Why is it that? Like we said, it’s often underestimated. 

Little do businesses know that it’s a fun and enlightening way of gathering information about their potential leads. By doing these quizzes and surveys, you will learn more about people’s problems and interests when purchasing a product.  

To build buzz around your product, it’s better to hold quizzes and surveys as you can get emails from your potential customers through lead magnets. We’re sure that most of you would have played quizzes on BuzzFeed, where to receive your results, you need to submit your name and email address. Similarly, doing the same with your business product is an intelligent way of gathering leads.  g leads. 

When carrying out surveys, always make the questions enjoyable for the audience to answer, such as your product preferences, what you are trying to achieve by purchasing our product, what changes you would like to see in our brand, etc. 

You will build your customer’s trust by carrying out surveys because you care about their feedback on your products and services. 

LeadQuizzes reported that an average quiz had a 31.6% lead capture rate in 2018. Therefore, never underestimate the power of surveys and quizzes! 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get creative with fun quizzes and surveys to win your prospective leads over!


Having qualified leads is important to every Sri Lankan business regardless of its size. Most businesses don’t understand the ways of generating qualified leads as they aren’t aware of the subject and they simply expect leads to pop out of nowhere. Thus, this article has explored 4 ways on how Sri Lankan businesses can certainly increase qualified leads through content marketing such as:

1. Lead magnets through Facebook Ads.

2. Guest blogging.

3. Webinars.

4. Quizzes and surveys.




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