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E-Commerce-Website-Design-Prinzipien, die dort Wachsen, oder Töten Ihre lokalen E-Commerce Business


E-commerce-business-Umgebung in Sri Lanka

In recent years, there has been a rapid growth in e-commerce businesses in Sri Lanka, with a high volume of customers turning to the digital platform. The change in attitude towards e-commerce has been assisted by increased trust in accessible items and online payment channels.  

Daraz, Sri Lanka’s largest online marketplace, had a massive growth in orders and net merchandise value in 2019 and a very successful 11.11. campaign that exceeded its sales objective, partially indicating the path that local e-commerce stands on. 

Based on an article on the growth of Daraz e-commerce Index by Ceylon-Heute it was reported that the Western province secures the most significant online order share of 50% and the Central and North Western provinces with 10% and 9% order shares, respectively. Colombo and Gampaha have the highest district-level order share, with 31% in Colombo and 15% in Gampaha. The concentration in these areas is indicative of the country’s dense population. However, there is evidence of a shift away from important cities like Colombo, Gampaha, and Kandy and toward the developing towns like Kurunegala, Kalutara, and Gampaha. 

Based on the same article on the growth of Daraz e-commerce Index by Ceylon Today, The shoppers are divided into three groups based on their different shopping practices. Firstly, the recreational consumers who enjoy shopping for current trends form the ‘young internet shoppers’ between 18 and 24. They are ‘tech-savvy, brand loyalists, and price averse’. Secondly, the ‘well-informed shopper’ is an individual between 25 and 30 whose purchasing decisions are impacted by quality and dependability. The majority of the people from this category are shopping for personal and household items with the best deals and flash sales. Thirdly, the ‘settled adult shoppers,’ who purchase based on their requirements and within their budget, are individuals between 31 and 35. They value quality above quantity, are less adventurous, and require quick delivery. 

E-commerce business revenue chart

Die obige Grafik zeigt, wie sich der Umsatz im e-commerce-Unternehmen entwickelt hat. Im folgenden sind die Statistiken über die Wachstumsrate im Sri Lanka e-commerce-Branche berichtet Statista: 

  • Der Umsatz im e-commerce-Markt vorhergesagt wird, um UNS zu erreichen$1,238 m in 2021.
  • Der Umsatz wird voraussichtlich eine jährliche Wachstumsrate (CAGR 2021-2025) von 13.70%, was einem erwarteten Marktvolumen von US$2,069 m bis 2025.
  • The e-commerce market’s largest segment is Electronics & Media, with an expected market volume of US$307m in 2021.

Jetzt haben Sie eine bessere Idee in Sri Lanka e-commerce-Branche basierend auf den oben genannten Statistiken, haben wir eine spannende reden, wie können Sie steigern den Umsatz auf Ihrer e-commerce-website.

Was sind die so genannten e-commerce-Website-Design-Prinzipien?

It’s essential to keep in mind that if you don’t follow the guidelines on e-commerce website design, it’s challenging to gain an attractive number of sales from your e-commerce website. This blog will show you a complete list of e-commerce website design concepts that you should follow in 2022 if you want to boost your website’s sales quickly.

The design concepts of your e-commerce website are a great shot at creating a positive first impression. It influences how your customers see your business since they understand what a high-quality website looks like. It also affects the time customers spend on your website, whether they’re purchasing or returning to your website. 

When a customer visits an e-commerce website, they quickly decide whether to stay or not merely by glancing at it. Therefore, no matter how excellent your marketing plan is, combine everything attractively and functionally. Suppose you have fantastic e-commerce website design principles. In that case, your e-commerce website design is your balance between keeping your clients interested while you’re signifying the value of your items in a very competitive sector. 

1. Erste Eindrücke

Customers may be amazed at how an e-commerce website appears and functions, as it is undoubtedly the first thing that anyone notices. Within the first few seconds of viewing your website, people will form an opinion about your business. What viewers see when they first view your site and what they think about it might impact whether and how they patronize you currently and in the future. 

Users will have a wrong impression of your business if your website is unattractive or old-fashioned. As a result, they might visit a competitor’s page instead. Your website’s first impression may persuade potential customers to stay on your website and get to know more about your business, or it might encourage them to leave and go to a competitor’s website. 

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategie

The way you put information on your website is influenced by several e-commerce website design ideas and aspects. These factors have an impact on how search engines crawl your site.  

Your code must be SEO-friendly; it is vital for your website design. If your SEO foundations aren’t good enough, you’ll be fighting a visibility war for your website. Partnering with a web design business that understands what they’re doing is the most excellent approach to assure the best e-commerce website design principles and then exposure on search engines. 

3. Auswirkungen auf den Kunden-service

Your website provides visitors with a sense of how they could be served by merely looking at it. People will think your business is trendy and friendly if your website is beautiful, modern and tempting. However, if it’s hideous and outdated, it makes your business appear old-fashioned. 

4. Vertrauen

Nobody trusts a poorly designed website. A badly designed website or content that appears to be obsolete does not inspire trust. The website will thus have a bad reputation.  

Your viewers will have more faith in you if you have a quality website. It’s essential to build trust with them so that they stick around on your site. Customers who spend more time on your site have greater chances of purchasing. 

5. Benutzerfreundlich

Your customers’ purchasing experience on your website should be flawless so that they don’t abandon it in the middle. This means that your website should be simple to use. It is crucial to keep in mind that sales are harmed by complexity. 

Your website should be well organized and well-executed. You must organize your items into easily understandable categories and subcategories. They should be shown in a neat grid with enough labelling to make them easy to read and search. 

Moreover, your website must have adequate product data and images for your customers to comprehend the items without touching or seeing them in person. The more realistic it is, the more likely you will sell that product. 

6. Bedeutung der Sicherheit

Die Bedeutung der Schaffung einer website, die Kunden glauben, Sie Vertrauen können, ist eine der Grundlagen von e-commerce-website-design-Konzepte. Die meisten online-Käufer sind besorgt über Ihre Privatsphäre und wollen wissen, ob Ihre website, schützen Ihre Daten, indem Sie Sie zu sicher zu kaufen. Sie werden einfach entscheiden sich zum Kauf von anderswo, wenn Ihre website verliert Ihre Vertrauenswürdigkeit in jeder Phase.

Zur Erhöhung der Sicherheit, man soll:

  • Share your product reviews to communicate to potential customers the good opinions of others and take away any doubts.
  • Achten Sie besonders auf defekte links und 404-Fehler.
  • Verwenden Sie eine zuverlässige server.
  • Get a certified trust seal like Norton or McAfee, which guarantees a safe transaction process for potential customers. 
7. Empfänglich-Technologie

They say time is money, and customers are a restless bunch. It just takes seconds to lose a sale and a customer. This frequently happens because most users abandon and never return to a web page that takes a longer time to load. 

Page abandonment percentage based on page load time

A non-receptive website will harm your business and lead you to lose potential customers. Therefore, make sure you’re dealing with a solid and dependable web development business and hosting provider because their performance is crucial to your success. 

8. - Bewusstsein für die Zielgruppe

Haben Sie sich überlegt, wer würde wollen zu kaufen Ihre waren? Sind Sie mit Blick auf eine potenzielle Marktnische, die Ihnen helfen können, den Umsatz zu steigern? Um sicherzustellen, dass Ihre website-design scheint gut für Sie ist, gezielt zu identifizieren und zu verstehen, wer Ihre Zielgruppen sind und die Demographie Sie fallen.

Dies ist der erste Schritt bei der Einrichtung einer vertrauenswürdigen Beziehung mit Ihren Kunden. Es wird keine Verkäufer zum lenken des Käufers durch den sales funnel, anders als in der face-to-face-Transaktionen. Als ein Ergebnis, das Verständnis der Reichweite der Zielgruppe und der Festlegung der Zuverlässigkeit durch e-commerce-web-design-Prinzipien kritisch ist.

9. Suche Nach Der Spalte-Funktion

Stellen Sie sicher, dass die Suchfunktion auf Ihrer website. Einige Personen werden zu Ihnen kommen, um zu wissen, was Sie speziell kaufen möchten, und verlassen Ihre Website, wenn Sie nicht finden können es innerhalb von Sekunden.

Gehen Sie durch mehrere Kategorien und nach einem bestimmten Produkt suchen kann zeitaufwändig sein. Dies ist, warum Sie sollten verbessern Sie Ihre Suche-Funktion mit den folgenden:

  • Auto-vervollständigen-Funktionalität, die Google verwendet diese Informationen, um Ihre vollständige Satz beenden, bevor Sie Sie eingeben.
  • An Omnipresent search – your search box should be included on all website pages and be visible, instantly noticeable and convenient.
  • Unterstützung bei allen Arten von Informationen über Produktnamen, Kategorien, product features, and customer service-bezogenen Informationen an.
  • Aktivieren, Sortieren und filtern der Ergebnisse. 
10. Call-to-Action Effizienz

The term “call to action efficiency” means ensuring that the language used on every call to action button is tailored to your clients’ most common inquiries and leads them to the exact information they are looking for. To increase the effectiveness of your call-to-action buttons, use different colours like red to set them apart from the rest of the website’s colour scheme. You may also need to apply “Join Now” and “Claim Your Discount” as trigger words. 


The 10 e-commerce website design principles that’s been mentioned in this article above, are extremely important for every e-commerce business in Sri Lanka to acknowledge and adopt to gain an attractive number of sales from their e-commerce website.


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