Watch your customers every move online, so you can sell to them better!

Whether in motor insurance, unit trusts, or SME loans, our Tooling & Analytics solution will morph your site into a dynamic webfront that responds to how customers behave online.

Website Analysis Tools
Website Analysis Tools

Does this sound like you?

Tooling & Analytics Solution

Are you a tech leader transitioning to product management?

Getting 5k+ visitors on your site but converting just 5?

Spending $500/m on ads but no long-term, trackable sales results?

A tech leader enabling business through digital products?


More Customers


Conversion Rate


Customer Experience


Cost Optimization

An Industry-First: a Finance-Focused Tooling & Analytics Solution

Attract and convert potential customers 5x, with a magnified view of what people are searching for to find your product or service online, where visitors are coming from, and what they’re doing while on your digital properties.

Armed with this data, you’ll be geared to make informed decisions to better optimize your reach and visibility online while fine-tuning messaging and experience to boost conversions on your landing pages and product sign-up funnels!

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say About This Solution

HumanisedTech’s Tooling & Analytics solution has helped the Cultural Development Network (CDN) and our Australian cultural planning and evaluation product Takso establish where our digital properties stand, to chart the course we want to by monitoring user behaviour closely and understanding what works online and what doesn’t.

John Smithies 🇦🇺

Executive Officer at Cultural Development Network

Prefer To Set Up Tooling & Analytics Yourself?

It’s always good to learn to do things and create value yourself!       

Get on a free 30-minute strategy session with our team and deploy tooling more effectively to get the most of user analytics and grow your business online!

A Globally-Benchmarked Process With Timely Deliverables

Getting Access

Sign the contract, establish the point of contact, and we’ll shoot a request for access doc outlining the tooling we’ll need access to, like website access, Google Search Console and Analytics logins, etc.

Day 1

Setting Up Tooling

After access is received, we’ll work on optimizing tooling deployment and setting up any tooling necessary but not already configured.

Day 7

Tags and Triggers

Post tooling configuration, we’ll work with you to optimize and standardize your GTM and UTM usage and other funnel deployments and structures including triggers for the initial metrics we need to capture.

Day 21

URL & Insights

Lastly, we’ll provide a standard URL structure and deployment architecture for use internally on future developments. Importantly, we’ll also provide a detailed insights report each month during our 30-minute strategy session.

Day 30

A specialized content marketing & online sales outfit based out of Colombo and Melbourne.

Our passion is segmenting markets and discovering what makes each tick, so we can help your sell better online!


Customer Research


Development Lead

Simple, straightforward pricing

$2000 / across 6 months

Make a simple initial payment of $750 in the first month and follow-up with monthly installments of just $250 across the balance 5-month period.

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