No instant gratification here, just long-term investment and a flood of online leads!

Understand acquiring customers online is no gimmick? We help build a content net that keeps you top of mind across segments and at each customer journey stage, so they don’t fall off your site and you’ve got their trust when they’re ready to bite!

Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Boost Sales Online

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Long-Term Lead Generation

Long-Term Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation Strategy

With 88%-97% of the market not ready to buy right now whether online or offline, it’s strange that most marketers focus on the 3% who’re ready to buy now while losing out on the larger chunk. Our long-term lead gen content strategy plugs this hole in the current content marketing landscape!

By developing market segment-specific landing pages and developing high-value content for each stage of the natural journey a customer goes through, they will be nurtured by you until they are ready to buy. Since you provided value and built trust along the way, they’ll buy from you and not your competitors!

A Surefire Process to Deliver Timely Results

Week 1

Discovery Research

Here we perform discovery research on the initially proposed customer segments to understand their needs, issues and desired states.

Week 6

Segment Selection

Here, we select the 3 most profitable segments based on discovery insight, assessing them based on online receptiveness and future promise, among other factors.

Week 12

Customer Journey Exploration

Next, we dive deep into the identified segments to explore segment-specific personas and the customer journey for each so as to understand their needs and pain points at each stage.

Week 18

Content Marketing Plan &
Landing Page Design

Here, a content marketing plan and content ideas are developed for each customer journey stage for each of the three selected segments. Parallelly, segment-specific landing page designs are developed while considering a customized experience for each segment.

Week 30

Landing Page & Content Deployment

The content and design are crafted and all the pages deployed, now resembling a content net to capture each segment online at each stage of the customer journey.

Week 34

Ads and Retargeting

Next, to complement the compounding and long-term effect of SEO, we’ll run ads across platforms with targeted ad content to drive paid traffic while retargeting site visitors across other digital channels to ensure they are nurtured continuously.

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say About This Solution

“HumanisedTech’s content marketing strategy for IHB Education – India across our website and digital channels including email plus Google Ads helped our hair and beauty academy draw in a huge volume of qualified leads in just 6-8 months, by providing online prospects with a variety of content matching their needs in understanding how to select the ideal hair and beauty course.”

Mridu Parakh

Marketing Manager at IHB Education - India

Why HumanisedTech

Our focus on website-focused content marketing naturally makes us a rare breed in the online marketing space. With an ear to the ground or the market, and the quality of the data we capture, our content marketing and tooling solutions help our clients sell online effortlessly! Here are a few other reasons why we’re special:

A specialized content marketing & online sales outfit based out of Colombo and Melbourne

Our passion is segmenting markets and discovering what makes each tick, so we can help you sell better online!


Research & Discovery


Research Lead / CMO

Simple, straightforward pricing


across 12 months

*Plus a minimum monthly ad spend of $2000 across channels to ensure optimal performance of the landing page.

Prefer To Set Up Tooling & Analytics Yourself?

Upon identifying IHB Education – India’s issue of attracting unqualified leads online, we set out to understand their market segments and decided to focus on those looking to pursue hair and beauty courses professionally and not-part time.

We developed appropriate content for each stage of the journey, from the career opportunities it presents, the minimum requirements to follow a course, and the subjects in a course, to the standard salary of a hairdresser or beautician. Thereby, we built a content net to capture and qualify leads online, so they would be well-informed and trust IHB Education before approaching them to enroll in a course.

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