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​​A Lead Generation Funnel for Personal Coaches

​​A Lead Generation Funnel for Personal Coaches

Generating new leads through an automated funnel is extremely valuable for anyone in the personal coaching industry. This includes fitness coaches, dieticians, business coaches, and spiritual coaches.

A business in this space struggle with resources to vet and assess customers in the sales process.

Humanised Tech has built a few automated funnels for people in the personal coaching space. We thought we would share it with those in the industry who want to try it on themselves.

Note, however, that the devil is in the detail. We are showing you the most straightforward funnel. Each business has its nuances with its own unique set of customers. Therefore you must consistently experiment with different messaging and track customers throughout their journey to know what is delivering you results. I.e. become a paying customer.

The lead generation funnel guides customers through the customer buyers’ journey (Awareness, Consideration, Purchase).

Building Awareness Ad

The first step of the process is to build awareness about you and what you offer. This would be an ad run on the social media channel your customer segment uses the most (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube). We recommend the first advertisement to be more informative or educational.

I.E. For an MMA coach targeting beginner students. It could be a video on the “5 ways MMA can give you better life” or “10 home exercises for those interested in MMA”.

This ad aims to get potential customers to know who you are and get them to interact with your advertisement. I.e. Visiting the blog, watching a video or liking a picture.

Retargeting Ad – With Lead Capture

This ad targets potential customers who have interacted with your ad, like reading your blog, watching more than 50% of your video, and interacting with your ad. The purpose of this ad is to capture the customer’s details. A lead magnet is used to get a downloading guide, join a newsletter, and sign up for a webinar or event.

For personal coachers, we recommend using a lead magnet that is a little more interactive, such as a free group class or a webinar that will explain why soon. On this blog, we will assume it is a live event.

The data collection should be smooth and easy but also not too easy as you want your potential customers to have some motivation. Collecting some extra relevant information like “Goals” may help your conversion. The number of questions is a healthy mix between getting enough and not too much information.

Using the MMA example, this may be a monthly free introductory class where potential customers can experience a free lesson before signing up for a membership program.

Follow-up contact to the event.

After registration for the event, we recommend sending follow-up emails, SMS or WhatsApp messages to the registered customers to encourage higher turnout. The more personalised the messaging, the more effective it is. If you have the capability, make a phone call even better.

The mails should primarily do two things, give further information on the value they will get from attending the seminar, plus act as a reminder for the day. Remember, being free is not enough; the customer is paying you with their time, so they need to feel like they will get value from the event.

Should be no more than 3-4 emails as you do not want to bombard the customer with too much contact. The secret to finding the optimal number of customer touch points and the content’s relevancy is continuously testing and experimentation.

The Event (Physical or online)

The most important part of the event is ensuring that anyone attending gets value. The faster the attendees can recognise the value (reward centre), the higher the likelihood they will sign up for the program. It’s true when they say you can’t make everyone happy. You must also understand your customers’ segment and demographics to focus on delighting your ideal customers.

You must also pay attention to the program attendees to ensure that you recognise the customers who will most likely be your customers. You cannot win every one. Yes, it does hurt our egos, and it’s not easy letting go of potential leads. It is better to focus on customers that want your product and believe it fits them than to waste energy on those that don’t.

Have a feedback form post the event so you can get customer feedback so that you can

  1. Use the feedback to improve your process and lead generation event
  2. Be able to segment your customers based on interest to see who is more likely to sign up for the program

Follow up post-event

Following up post the event is probably one of the most critical steps. This tends to be the most tedious act as it seems pretty draining. Still, if you have been able to segment the attendees of the event based on their interest level, you will be able to focus on the hot leads.
Use email, WhatsApp and even a phone call to help the customers make the final step to buying.


Since we are speaking to personal coaches, this part will be pretty easy to understand. The only way to improve this process is through repetition. The more you run the process, the better you become and your results. We recommend you run this process and keep optimising continuously for a year with a minimum of 1 event per month. You will require to set up the tools on your website and social media pages to have the proper reporting. Click here to read our blog on setting up your tooling.

Use data-driven decisions, and experiment with different formats. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know your potential customers and be attentive to their feedback. You can use it to improve your process and program.

If anyone tells you they can do it without any feedback and get it working perfectly. You will have customers flowing so strong you can’t control it. We would say they are lying.

At HumanisedTech, we do encourage DIY marketing and are willing to support it. Suppose you are a personal coach who needs any assistance with setting this up. In that case, we are eager to offer you 30 minutes free to ask any questions on how to implement the automated lead generation funnel.


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