No religious conversions here, only visitors to customers online!

The art of converting better involves resonating with specific audiences closely. Our landing pages help you draw in, retain, convince and convert sales like crazy, minus the religious frenzy.

Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization

Does this sound like you?

Not getting the right kind of leads?

Have people dropping off your website pages in a hurry?

Tired of marketing to every segment on a single product or service page?

Not getting the best return from your $1000/m ad spend?

Conversion Landing Page for Instant Leads and Sales Online

Conventional marketing wisdom says that around 3%-12% of the total market for a given customer segment is ready to purchase your product or service right now. Our segment-specific landing page and targeted ads will help you capture them online!

This solution is jam-packed with product & service benefit content, trust building elements, and conversion opportunities for a specific customer segment, and together with laser-focused messaging that resonates with your audience, you can convert like crazy online!

A Surefire Process to Deliver Timely Results

Discovery Research

First we understand your current customer segments for a specific product or service, analyse competition and understand their main segments, and then decide on one segment to target on the landing page based on segment online receptiveness and promise.

Week 1

Landing Page & Content Deployment

Next, we develop the landing page for the selected segment depending on the discovery insight including content and messaging, presenting everything required to convert on a single page.

Week 8

Retargeting Across Platforms

Finally, we run ads across platforms with targeted content for the selected segment, driving relevant or qualified targeted traffic towards the landing page, who’ll be ready to buy!

Week 16

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say About This Solution

“HumanisedTech’s landing page solution is a cut above the rest in the regional market, because it draws on global practices. It segments and targets in a unique way, leading to a guaranteed improvement in site visits and conversions.”

Indunil Fernando

Assistant Vice President – Asset Management

Thinking of Building Your Landing Page In-House?

It’s always good to learn to do things and create value yourself! 

So get on a free 30-minute strategy session with our team and deploy tooling more effectively to get the most of user analytics and grow your business online!

The Solution At Work

With over 2000 potential customers visiting the unit trust page on a monthly basis, it was surprising that their conversion rate online was low! So we dove deep into the unit trust customer segments and their pain points and desires, to address them through a targeted landing page to boost portal sign-ups by over 5% in just a few months. With design elements, sections and content to cater closely to the emotional, informational and rational needs of potential customers, we were able to boost time on page and sign-up conversions almost immediately!

Why HumanisedTech

Our focus on website-focused content marketing naturally makes us a rare breed in the online marketing space. With an ear to the ground or the market, and the quality of the data we capture, our content marketing and tooling solutions help our clients sell online effortlessly! Here are a few other reasons why we’re special:

A specialized content marketing & online sales outfit based out of Colombo and Melbourne

Our passion is segmenting markets and discovering what makes each tick, so we can help you sell better online!


Research & Discovery


Research Lead / CMO

Simple, straightforward pricing

$5000 / across 6 months

Also, we recommend a minimum monthly ad spend of $1000 across channels to ensure optimal performance of the landing page

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