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5 Things Most Web Development Companies Won’t Tell You

Things Web Development Companies Won’t Tell You

According to Siteefy, the global internet usage has increased from roughly 30% in 2010 up to 58.99% in 2021. 

Moreover, Siteefy reported that more than 75% of digital marketers admitted that internet advertising campaigns have positively impacted their business by increasing their companies’ target revenue. It should be understood that not a single aspect of marketing is more important than a quality website. In reality, most companies fail to transform their failing websites into ones that increase trust and customer engagement. 

To stand out in this online space, you need to understand web design strategies. Before you’re ready to get your company website made, the following 5 tips will be your helpful guide in boosting your user engagement on your website.

1. Looking pretty isn’t everything!

You can have the prettiest website in the world, but it doesn’t mean it will be used for the purpose it was made for and will increase your website traffic. Your website must be up and running. For this purpose, user engagement is the key, regardless of whether it’s displaying a list of items and information, allowing customers to buy online, allowing customers to manage their accounts, or just allowing them to connect with your company through blog posts. According to a survey carried out by Statista on online shopping in the US in 2018, 60% of users say website usability is important for them in an online business. At Humanised Tech, we take pleasure in our ability to translate business objectives into effective websites that help you boost traffic and profits.

2. The value of content

In terms of the website content, excellent and relevant content attracts the right audience, engages them, and works to make the user do whatever they want on your website. If the content is valuable to the user, it is more likely to be shared. The success of your website is thus decided primarily by its content. 

One of the benefits of posting quality content is that visitors who reach your website through search engines will increase. Based on a content marketing statistics article by Convince & Convert, 70% of people would instead get information about a company or learn something from an article or blog post through its website rather than from a traditional advertisement. On the other hand, creating good content benefits the reader and your website’s search ranking. Search engines love content, mainly regularly updated content. Therefore, it’s essential to provide quality content that users mostly want to view if you want them to access your website.  

3. How fast your website gets outdated

Eventually, websites can get outdated and will no longer work as they’re supposed to. As a result, an obsolete site will even reveal that the content is obsolete, untrustable and doesn’t reflect your brand any longer.  

It’s better to update your website per month at least. That could be a small change to the main content or a new blog post. Regardless of the update, it solely depends on how you update your products, services, or brand to align with the market competition, even if your website is updated. 

To determine if your website is outdated, here are 3 signs which indicate that your website is indeed obsolete and is ready for a redesign: 

  1. Low SEO ranking – SEO is a range of procedures that increase your website’s search engine ranking. It is essential to identify the causes of the problem if your website does not provide results. About 87% of Google searches start, and if your website isn’t optimized for search engines, it will miss a massive handful of traffic. 
  2.  Incorrect/outdated content – Incorrect/outdated information will chase potential customers from your website. If you don’t have updated information on your website, it’s high time you update it. Your content should be straightforward, new and to the point. It would help if you pointed out exactly what your company can deliver to your customers. It must also incorporate keywords to boost the relevant traffic by classifying search engines. 
  3.  Poor user experience – If you want to drive more sales and leads, the user experience must be clear and straightforward. You should revamp your website based on research and information to know exactly where to take action. 

4. Even custom-built is always using templates

Websites developed on WordPress, or another CMS platform may be customized to suit your company’s requirements from scratch or a pre-made template or theme that has been purchased from the shelf and even freely downloaded. According to techjury, more than 455 million sites use WordPress. The advantages and disadvantages of both techniques depending on your demands, objectives and budget. 

  • Template sites are cheaper than customized sites- by using a template, most website code is in place without the need of your developer lifting a finger. This is why template websites are much cheaper than customized ones, even if you still need more time adapting the template and adding the content. 
  • Template sites are pretty fast to establish as most of the coding has been done. This is because, in a few weeks, a template site usually is available if the content is sufficiently ready to go and the timetable for your developer is clear. A customized website will take longer depending on the complexity of what you desire. 
  • Templates are getting more modern – The best templates are well designed, stable and can be customized for a cheaper rate.

5. Free tools that can be plugged into your website that don’t need to be charged for by your developer

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Most web development companies won’t keep you aware of the most important factors that you need to know on web development for obvious reasons. Your business alone can handle its website smoothly if you’re aware that:

1. Making your website look pretty doesn’t actually make you gain leads.

2. Sharing relevant and quality content on the website brings value to the business.

3. Your website gets outdated quickly and it needs to be updated every month to keep your content fresh and trustworthy.

4. Even custom built is always using templates.

5. There are free tools that can be plugged into your website which don’t need to be charged by your developer.

By keeping these 5 points of effective web development strategies in mind, you’ll be able to gain surefire leads and sales.


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